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The 10 most beautiful hotel on tree


The 10 most beautiful hotel trees in the world
Lion Sands in South Africa or Green Village in Bali, Indonesia are beautifully designed and beautifully designed cottages nestled in the wilderness.

Original Treehouse Cottages
The hotel is located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, USA, with 7 rooms. Price per night is 149 USD. Eureka Springs is one of America’s most beautiful mountain towns, so if you’re exploring, this unique hotel gives you the chance to get lost in the forested world right next to the city. Rooms are fitted with a separate jacuzzi bath, with many windows. Guests will find a panoramic view down the Ozarks covered by pine forests.


Green Village
This luxury hotel in Bali, Indonesia, is priced at $ 325 per night. Visitors can rent a 6-storey bungalow built without bamboo “wall” should be experienced sleeping in the middle of the forest. However, furniture, bed sheets, tables, chairs, beds … are very luxurious.


Out’n’About Treehouse Treesort
Tree hotel in Cave Junction, Oregon, USA, has 16 rooms. Price for a night from $ 150 to $ 330. Staying here gives you the feeling of being in more of an oddity than in a hotel because the work is managed by a family who sells T-shirts to guests and calls themselves “Musketeers”. The hotel room is unlocked, in the middle of a tree-filled area next to the Siskiyou National Forest. In addition to staying, visitors can also visit the horse farm and try out the zipline zipline.

Chateaux dans les Arbres
This is a tree hotel in Nojals-et-Clotte, Dordogne, France with just 3 rooms. One night stay here is 262 USD. This tree hotel is based on the traditional model of a former French warlord with three towered towers. In addition to hot tubs and infinity pools, are built on chestnuts and oaks.