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9 thing you should do in hotel

9 things the hotel staff recommended 5 stars
Revealing hobbies, friendly greetings, or nice attire before opening the door to the staff to bring in the room is what you should do. visitwebsite


Brittany Kriegstein was a senior five-star hotel staffer in the UK. Here is your disclosure on Business Insider about the things that travelers should or should not do when visiting a hotel.

Do not order food or drink when you are not dressed properly

Bringing breakfast to the room, you have to see the guests do not wear enough clothes or even not to be honest not the way employees want to start their day. Maybe too many people are hungry without paying attention to that courtesy. Therefore, the better tourists should wear some kind of clothing before opening the door to the wait staff.

Talk a little bit with the staff to bring the clothes to the room

In addition to the social greetings, the wait staff would like to have conversations with guests closer such as weather commentary, a day of work or a feeling at the hotel … That is one way. Or let the guests and staff enjoy.


Should comment on what hotel staff needs improvement

When not satisfied, many visitors give out too much criticism but others rarely say anything. If visitors commented in advance, the staff will listen and improve to make guests more comfortable. Particularly, guests can comment when staff arrive in the room, or write a note in the room, or tell the receptionist. These are the best ways for servicing personnel to correct.


Do not ask too much

When Brittany was working in a five-star hotel, she and people always try to meet as much as possible the requirements of guests. They organize weddings, propositions, serve wine on the beach and make surprise parties … These are jobs that can be catered for however visitors should not be so demanding as high as half I want to book a charter plane the next morning.

Be greeted when meeting with hotel staff in the hallway

This seems very obvious, because the hotel staff is also human. There are no uniforms on the people, they are like the people around, no different from the visitors are bags. There are staff who sometimes stay in the hotel for discounted rates. Therefore, visitors should also pay close attention to the service staff to make their work environment more comfortable.



Do not be angry when hotel staff enter the room

Servicers must follow a rigorous set of rules, including having to go to the living room several times a day to collect items served in the room and put enough refrigerated items. If you do not want staff to enter the room, visitors should use the sea “avoid disturbing”. When this sign is hung outside, staff will not enter the room without knocking.



Room service requests should be made as soon as possible

The worst thing about waiters is that they call food at close quarters because the hotel is not always ready to do anything for guests right away. Moreover, the chefs also work in shifts, it is difficult to have breakfast in the guest room immediately if the chef has to leave. Therefore, please let the staff know your requirements as soon as possible in order to serve meals on time.from bikingvietnam


Do not ask if there are celebrities staying with the hotel

Hotel staff are not allowed to disclose VIP information even when they arrive at the hotel. High-end hotels also have special codes that employees are not even aware of.


Tell the hotel staff about yourself

Staff working in 5 star hotels are keen to please guests in humorous and creative ways. If guests tell us a little bit about themselves at check in, staff will be more attentive and help guests experience the best. If guests like flowers in the hotel’s garden, staff can bring a bundle to the room. If the child does not like the waffle, the staff will prepare the breakfast with the other. The little things can make the experience at the hotel even more impressive.


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