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Hanoi Fish home stay

Fish Homestay
Although homestay “born after late” and also just fill in the list of small homestay in the heart of Hanoi but this is the address that you should pay attention. Because homestay fish possess so many unique and impressive things.

Firstly, the homestay has 4 rooms, but instead of the usual number, each room has its own name such as goby, mackerel, carp … In each room is fully equipped. The essential items such as warm cups, a large mirror … and the small flower vases are also placed in every corner so it may be very suitable for those who love romantic dreams.

Secondly, in addition to intelligent layout, utility and comfortable feeling for people, Fish also has a good point that the kitchen is extremely beautiful with anything. It is very suitable for you to cook your favorite dishes yourself or if in large groups it is also convenient to open a small party.

Thirdly, homestay fish is also relatively cheap at VND 440,000 per night