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Hanoi forest house homestay

This year’s New Year’s Eve holiday lasts up to 3 days, if you do not know where to go to get fresh air, and have a nice space for virtual life, check out the homestay near Hanoi. Come on in the day below! Reasonable price, comfortable room, beautiful décor, enlisted to enjoy the rare fresh space, BBQ BBQ enjoy under the glittering stars as the sky is more wonderful?

1. Forest House – U-Lesa, Soc Son

Forest House – U Lesa is a wonderful piece of music nestled in the midst of a vast pine forest, is a unique architectural work blending nature and the wood houses adjacent to the edge.

The wooden house in U-Lesa overlooks the extremely romantic forest valley. The tiny box from the mountainside, the look seems to be warp but actually has a very solid structure. The area of ​​wooden houses is only about 12m2 but still have enough facilities to serve the needs.

Not only that, this place also generously devoted a tank soaking for five people in the nature of nature. You can also cover the large wooden panel on the face and enjoy the cheerful cheer in the sun … In addition to the pine wood, the resort also has large rooms full of amenities to serve the delegation. big crowd again!

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