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5 home stay in Hoi An

5 homestay is ideal for couples in Hoi An

Bring the colors of an ancient city, homestay homestays in Hoi An have private space suitable for those who love to enjoy the holiday.

The destination is not new but still ‘quality’ for 30/4/6 yellow walls that young people ‘stand still’

Heron House
Set amidst the lush green rice fields, Heron House is a place for those who want to find a quiet place to rest. The house was redesigned on the basis of an ancient French works, only 3 rooms should always be expensive. Each room has a balcony looking out and many windows for wind, sunlight.
5 homestay is ideal for couples in Hoi An holiday 30/4
Small angles in this place are taken care of by the owner. Here, guests can relax at the pool and cook their own meals in the well-equipped kitchen. Rooms cost $ 120 per night, special occasions or high season, up to $ 140.
5 homestay is ideal for couples in Hoi An holiday 30/4
An Bang Beach Hideaway Homestay Hoi An
You will easily mistake this place as a luxury resort in any Hoi An. Homestay is surrounded by beautiful rooms overlooking the green garden.
5 homestay is ideal for couples in Hoi An holiday 30/4
Beside the dominant white color, homestay is also highlighted by the yellow of wood, bamboo and the natural green of the trees. You can choose to stay at Coco Villa with coconut leaf or beach hideaway villa with blue doors; An Bang Retreat, where there is a large garden or the simplicity of the Dolphin House. The price for a stay here is about $ 100.

Hoi An Lemongrass Homestay
Also prominent when located near the large rice fields, homestay brings a sense of peace, guests will have the opportunity to experience the village atmosphere, not dusty city. Mainly made of wood, the main color is white. Rustic, close also made of items such as cabinets, tables, chairs …
5 homestay is ideal for couples in Hoi An holiday 30/4
Couples can spend time chatting in quiet space beside rice fields but no less romantic. The double room costs about $ 40.

Under The Coconut Tree Hoi An Homestay and Vietnam Bed Breakfast
This place is about 3 minutes walk from An Bang beach, impressed by the rooms made of bamboo. As the name implies, when set foot inside you will encounter many tall coconut shade trees. With the advantage of close to the sea, you can organize outdoor barbecue activities, fire … In addition, you can also rent a bike to explore the neighborhood.

The space of this homestay is associated with nature. As the winding path, winding always filled the green of trees, houses made of bamboo, roofed leaves. This is also the address that many foreign visitors visit. Double room rates are around $ 30 per night.

Old Yellow House
Nestled in a small alley in the heart of the old town, homestay makes you fascinated by the beautiful space created from simple widgets. Being in the alley, you do not need to worry about the noise of the street.
The high-rise rooms are the most popular. From here, you can get sunlight or tea, see the sunset in the afternoon. Price one night here ranges from 25 USD.