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Homestay in the old town of Hanoi

All homestay homestays are located right in the old town of Hanoi

The old town is a place to eat and play, there is no place to worry anymore. Here are a series of homestay close to this famous spot, note to this tomorrow where to go home.

1. Momento – Trang Thi

If you want to turn the past “Our house in the past”, then to Momento offline. Homestay has 4 rooms, but each room is unique in each region. There are rooms like Hoi An miniature with the lanterns, the walls of gold, the room is like the space in Hanoi in the 90s with the old furniture, the remaining room is the same Sapa, the most special The fourth room – Garden room on the rooftop. The sky seemed to overflow the room. Then there is a beautiful garden outside the balcony to meet the needs of a small table BBQ pretty. If you zoom out to see the peaceful sky of Hanoi.

– Rates from $ 30 – $ 40 per night for two people (about 800k – 1tr) only.

– Address is HERE.

– Places to eat in Trang Thi.

Advantages: 200m from Old Quarter.
2 Secret Terrace – Trays

Secret Terrace is a lovely room, lovely inexpressible. The space is not too big but it is flooded with light, the interior of the room is designed in a minimalist manner, using light colors so the room becomes more spacious.

– The most convenient move for homestay is located in the heart of the capital. Just 2 steps to Hoan Kiem lake, 5 steps to Trang Tien and 7 minutes to walk to the old town cuisine. It has always been.

– Right below our floor in thui is a tea house dessert cake called princess is worthy of indescribable. It’s too easy to lose. The staff there is also gentle and courteous.

– Take a short stroll to Hai Ba Trung Street with a nice noodle stall. In the first morning, what crime does not make bowl of beef noodle soup for Hanoi?

– Hang Khay – The street is famous for the noodles shrimp paste close together, every lunch is crowded seating. I definitely have to try it.

Address: Secret Terace in Hang Khay. Located on the 5th floor of the house in Hang Khay Lane 11b. Next to the cafe – ice cream.

Rental rates from 600-700k / night.

You can refer to here

3. Homestay 39D Hang Hanh (Ngo Bao Khanh)

People still say each other that Bao Khanh Lane is the West Lane in the old town. Then suddenly came here a homestay pretty at a height just enough to be able to “embrace Europe”. Located on the 4th floor with an area of ​​60m2 apartmen for rent including full amenities from the kitchen, to the washing machine, refrigerator, tea table … All brand new always. Moreover, they are given full use of the apartment without any additional costs.

House 2 front so bright daylight, add fresh air endlessly, open the door to the wind cool to the root of the teeth, closed the door to feel extremely warm, extremely refreshing feeling. Every room in the living room is optimized, so that even if there is more room to go, the room is not so little baby. Homestay also has a balcony.


Address: Homestay is located right on the famous Café Café since 1946 – Hanoi cafes no one knows. No. 39D Hang Hanh (Bao Khanh Lane)

Advantages: Lying on Ho Guom lake, and walking street.

About the price: 1500k / night / raw. Additional person extra $ 10 per person.

Or refer to HERE


4. Homestay Mai’sky – Hang Dieu

Mai Sky’s Vintage homestay is the representative of the old homestay extreme with the architecture is beautiful to fall in love. The colors are diverse but very harmonious is the color brick but not hot any, Comfort with the traditional features make homestay memory here. The kitchen is very Hoi An, be cared little by little, from the tray to the cup of small spices pretty stimulate a sloppy cook as I also want to slam into the home industry . Bedrooms are warm, pleasant and free of charge. The whole area of ​​30 ~ 40m2, very suitable for families. Being on the top floor of the alley should be very private.

Mai Sky’s Vintage Home – 39 Hang Dieu

Price: ~ 600k / night. With a private room in the old town is very cheap.

You can refer to HERE
5. Renovated old Quater home since 1960s


Located on the 4th floor of a house in Hang Khay Street, one of 36 ancient streets of Hanoi Old Quarter. Just cross the street and you will stand in front of the famous Hoan Kiem Lake, out of the chaos and bustle of the old town. The first feeling when entering the house is very rustic, very rustic. One bedroom, one toilet and one balcony, full of flowers and bonsai. Everything brings the simplest, most comfortable and most traditional atmosphere for everyone. It is important that the two sides of the room have windows, so natural light is everywhere.

Address: Homestay No. 11B Hang Khay

Price for rent: ~ 800k / night

Contact: Ngoc Anh 0168 509 5530

There is a row of shrimp noodles, outside the street are the western cafe. You can visit Ngoc Son Temple.


6. Olive Residence – Hang Buom

Olive Residence is a homesaty located in the heart of the old town. The first floor is a fairly well-known bar in Hanoi, but it is not crowded because it has soundproof doors. Deep in is a wide space, garden, courtyard appears in front of, and the bedroom is great, especially the tile tiles super cute. Second floor there is also a super cafe love always. Décor is beautiful, beautiful, unique, and quiet, especially during the day. Most of the sound here is made up of voices, whispers and some horn sounds from under the street. The location is quite convenient for that. Hang Buom is about 1km away from Hoan Kiem lake, about 500m from Dong Xuan market, or about 1.5 km to the big church. There are also many famous restaurants like Chago (89 sails), Coco (68 sails), Burger King (54 sails), Aha Café (2 sails) … Address: Olive Residence – 59 Hang BuomPrice: ~ 1 million / nightContact: Nguyen: 0936 382 995. You can refer to HERE


7. Homestay 2 frontage.

Quan Nha and Hang Bong This is the first time I have entered a homestay room with beautiful architecture and use such effective area. Just as I entered a home of the magazine “beautiful house”. The rooms on the 3-4-5 floor will have an area of ​​30m2, floor 6 to 70 ~ 80m2 with 2 double balconies. Not at all, even from the elevator using the card to come out, extremely safe, ensure no intruder to be. Unlike some hotel rooms, homestay has less room, very secure. Each room is designed in the style of a modern, western style room is not like any room, both beautiful and smart, so whether there are many or not room is always open airy extremely. For the price is more than 1tr ~ for a night to nhé.In order to make a reservation you contacted Service apartment: +84 995502468. or by email: .This is usually full room so you remember the previous contact. You can refer to HERE

8. HaNoi Dreamy House

HaNoi Dreamy House is a hanoi homestay bold Vietnam where no where to go. The homestay has up to 2 bedrooms, with one double bed and one bunk bed, suitable for families of 4-5 adults, or a group of 5-6 young people. In general, the space is quite cozy, courteous interior and bed is especially quiet. Ha Noi Dreamy House is located right on Ta Hien Street, very convenient to visit the whole old town. From here you can easily go to Bac street, Dinh Liet street or Hang Buom street, very convenient to visit right! This is also the most attractive street for tourists because the buildings in the ancient architecture and delicious food is flooded. Address: No. 33 salary Ngoc Quyen, Hanoi. Reference: 600 ~ 700k / night depending on the season. Places to eat on Luong Ngoc Quyen. You can refer to HERE.