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Homestay service in Hanoi

According to tourism experts, in the world and even in Vietnam, the number of self-supporting tourists is increasing. Currently, the number of retail customers accounts for about 50% of total visitors “move” annually. This type of guest often enjoys exploring, so prefer homestay to indigenous culture. In Hanoi, homestay services are thriving with style is increasingly popular.
The majority of homestay in the inner city of Hanoi goes in the direction of courtesy, elegance, simplicity and sophistication. Right in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, visitors can completely choose the homestay beautiful, comfortable. Momento Homestay or Annie’s Little Hanoi – homestays designed in the style of Hanoi in the 1990s on Trang Thi Street (Hoan Kiem District). Located on Tran Quy Cap Street (Dong Da District), Madam Nguyet Home 1 is the ideal homestay for devotees when they have a kitchen, cozy dining table. Here, you can go to the market, processing dishes according to your taste or ask the landlord to cook traditional dishes of Hanoi. In addition, visitors can also design their own tours to the relics, destinations such as Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam, Vietnam Museum of Fine Arts, Hoa Lo Prison. just nearby.

Along with that, a series of homestay on the Ngoc Thuy as Madam Lan Anh River View, Thai Artist House, Maison Ly, or Tree house … with spacious campus, fresh air is also very popular visitors. Outstanding among them is the homestay tree house which was named “the most beautiful house in Hanoi” by artist Dao Anh Khanh since 1995.
In addition to homestays, most of them are independent apartments located in the inner city. The new trend is the “apartment” (temporarily called the tourist apartment) with functional rooms: bedroom, kitchen eating, living room, gym, balcony, garden … and other necessary modern equipment. These apartments are very popular in Tay Ho district. Along with that is a series of villas in the Soc Son area such as Green Villa, Hidden Villa or Green Villa … have brought diversity, contributing to the development of homestay tourism trend.
Not only are there strong development in the inner city, in the suburban districts, homestay goes into local characteristics or breaking down, combining with specialties and popular cultural activities to attract visitors. Recently, Soc Son district was called “homestay paradise” for people in the inner city to find out to enjoy green space. The beautiful wooden houses and glass in the green pine forest, go fishing, farm with farmers … quickly help this place become the “wind” of many people during the weekend. Phuc Tho district is attaching great importance to building a brand name for garden tourism, such as visiting ancient mang age of over 100 years, planting vegetables, garden, grapefruit, … and indispensable accommodation for visitors right at home. people. Meanwhile, the homestay in the ancient village of Duong Lam brings the gods an exciting experience in a quiet countryside, “hiding” the hustle and bustle of the city, living the days of letters the most natural.
Need creativity
Although I have been to Hanoi many times, but never again I feel bored, because each time back, Hanoi has changed quickly, and one of them is the homestay facilities with different styles. Every place is different and attractive.

Senji Nakajima – visitors from Japan


Despite the great demand, the homestay service is not as simple as the sharing of the artist Dao Anh Khanh – homestay owner Tree House: “Initially, I am confident that this kind of investment services Not as “terrible” as building a hotel mi-ni. However, when you start to make new renovation is not easy, even capital investment is much larger than the hotel building, because in addition to basic construction , not to build other hotels, homestay businessmen have to squeeze out the style of the room, furniture, eye-catching decoration that is not “hit” to attract new visitors.
On the other hand, because the type of homestay towards the target customers is the young, foreign tourists like to discover new things, low-income civil servants and small families in the crowded city, tight When you are in the small beautiful, affordable, there are open space to attract new customers. Therefore, every homestay base must be large enough, at least 500 – 700m2, enough to build both the living room and community living room, reading room, garden space is spacious enough It is like cooking stoves, laundry for tourists to use with the owner or can buy things to cook, create the atmosphere as in the family. All of this is geared towards the “new” mentality of most visitors. Therefore, the cost of managing a homestay facility is not cheap, with a minimum of 4 to 5 service personnel.
Currently, the price of homestay services in Hanoi is very diverse, from 200,000 to several million for a day and night. However, travel can be full of memories or bland also depends on the attitude and behavior of visitors in the activities with the indigenous people. Mr. Le Minh Hieu – CouchSufing Hanoi and Vietnam community ambassadors gave the following advice: “Enter the custom, smiling friendly host and their relatives. Small actions such as knock the door before entering the room, store things neat, neat, finished meal to help the owner clean up one hand will help visitors soon harmonious. When you stay at a motel or hotel, that space is your own and you are totally comfortable, but when you are with someone you are not used to, respect their differences. ” .
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