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Opinion on star hotel

Opposite opinion on star hotel star rating in Vietnam

The revised draft Law on Tourism allows the establishment to voluntarily apply for a star rating, but there are suggestions that it should be mandatory.
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The Vietnam Tourism Association has just held a discussion on the revised draft Law on Tourism, which will be submitted to the National Assembly for approval on June 19. One of the most controversial issues is the voluntary proposal or compulsory rating of stars with hotels.

The draft has two options for submission to the National Assembly for consideration: the hotels are voluntary (option 1) or compulsory (option 2) to register the rating with the competent state agency. In particular, the VNAT appraisal, recognition of 4-5 star hotels, the rest by the provincial tourism agency responsible.

Under the mandatory scheme, hotels within 6 months of operation, must send the records to competent authorities for recognition of the class.
Star rating registration is the freedom of accommodation

Dinh Manh Thang, Chairman of Thua Thien Hue Tourism Association, supported the plan 1 because the new customer is the decision of the star class of the hotel, not the business owner or the State.

“When the owner of the establishment considers it necessary to have a star rating, it will be registered with a competent authority, but not mandatory, as it is the right of the business person to be respected.

Serve tourists, “he expressed.

With the above opinion, Mr. Do Trong Hien, Chairman of Thai Nguyen Tourism Association said, voluntary scheme in accordance with business law, business freedom. “There are less than 40 rooms in the hotel for 3 stars, but the quality of service can be equal to 4 stars.” .

Accompanying with the voluntary rule, the General Director of APT Travel Company, Nguyen Hong Dai noted that the Law should not be added to the Law when not registered to do not arbitrarily choose stars, to avoid the accommodation can Take advantage of false advertising or mislead customers as visitors may not know about this hotel.

Many countries around the world tend to rate hotels in the form of voluntary. Quality of service by customers themselves. Thang pointed out that many hotels in Switzerland are not star-linked, but their service capacity is 80%.

Ensure the interests of visitors

Some opinions in favor of option 2 stating that, in order to ensure the interests of customers should compel the hotel to register star rating.

Accredited hotels must meet the criteria set by the General Department of Tourism on room numbers, services …
Mr. Hoang Van Tuyen, Chairman of Lao Cai Tourism Association, analysis: In the segment of 1-3 star hotel, if not compulsory registration ratings, it is easy to arise problems between customers and businessmen. “It is possible that hotel owners who advertise their hotels have the same quality of 3 stars, but how do consumers know that their service is right?” Asked Tuyen.

In addition to the interests of business people, Mr. Tuyen said that the interests of consumers should also be guaranteed and the state management agencies should be responsible.

It is also the opinion of Mr. Hoang Chi Thuc, Chairman of Son La Tourism Association, when expressing, compulsory registration of accommodation with the accommodation to protect the interests of tourists.

Vu The Binh, vice chairman of the visit website trekking to Vietnam as  Tourism Association, said the revised draft Law on Tourism, if adopted on June 19, will vote for either option. He evaluated the voluntary rating scheme as the new point of the draft in comparison with the 2005 Tourism Law, which would create a smooth transition in the business process for businesses and a new step in the approach to the world tourism industry. .