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Trekking Cat ba

Trekking Vietnam trip to the heart of Cat Ba
Trekking 8 km across a variety of terrains, so many holiday groups so late to pick up canoes but are sitting boat watching Lan Ha Bay peaceful.

Note when traveling to Cat Ba through the longest sea crossing in Vietnam / Trekking through the forest in Cat Ba

Doan Thi Thuy Linh (21 years old, Hanoi student) came to Cat Ba twice. The second time Linh travels with a group of 6 people for two days and a night, the goal is trekking Cat Ba National Park. Here is her share of the trip:

Since everyone lives in Hai Phong, moving to Cat Ba is not difficult. Group chose to move by high speed train. Saturday morning, the group launched the car to Binh, send the car at Ben Binh Guest House right there. For you not in Haiphong is not worrying, because many provinces and cities have routes, routes to Hai Phong. If you take the car, try to find the car to Lac Long, because from here just a few minutes walk to the bus

The group buy tickets Hadeco high speed train at 7am (ticket price weekends and holidays is 150,000 VND / person / day, day is 120,000 VND). Bus transfers to important places in Cat Ba, including Cat Ba National Park.

There are many different tours, because the evening will be in the center of the tourist center, so I bought a ticket to visit the ferry Ao-Viet Hai. Adult tickets cost 40,000 VND. Bring the student card to the student discount to 20,000 VND a ticket, then you from the village of Viet Hai boat to town.

The forest road about 8 km, you will take an average of 6 hours to go and go to Viet Hai village. I have a small note, especially for women, should prepare good health. 8 km of forest road is very different from 8 km of road, but do not be discouraged because this is a very good experience. Each person can bring 2 to 3 bottles of water, cakes, junk food that is enough energy to confidently cover the garden.

Note that should prepare insect repellent, especially when going on rainy days, Cat Ba National Park is not squeezed, but there are mosquitoes. Lightweight clothing, sport shoes, avoid shorts, especially short skirts. Do not bring a piece of furniture, everyone just needs a backpack.

The group starts visiting the national park at 8:30. At the beginning, the road is pretty and flat. People see many kinds of trees, colorful mushrooms, looks very eye-catching only in the forest.

One of the strange flowers in Cat Ba National Park. Picture: Thuy Linh.
At noon, the group arrives at Frog Pond and rests, eating some snacks and drinking water. Then move to the last point is Viet Hai village. The distance from here begins to be more difficult, when you face rough terrain, with large rocks. At this time the new team spirit is the highest, before going to only know three people in the group, but when they all help each other cross the remaining forest road is no stranger. Adding a friend is one of the things that I like very much after each trip.

Around 14:30, the group arrived Viet Hai village after the forest, sometimes people have to heart. Because of sitting for a long time, the group was unable to go to the town, so renting a boat to go, accepting a higher price of 200,000 VND / person. Cats usually run before 16h, the price will be cheaper. However, it is not a bad idea to take a boat trip to Lan Ha Bay.

Exploring the national park closed, people rest one night in Cat Ba town, go anywhere convenient, price is quite soft.

The next morning before returning to the city center, the Linh visit Cat Co 1 beach. Not the tourist season, so the sea is quite deserted, mainly West guests to resort.

To Cat Ba, you should challenge yourself a bit by exploring the National Park. The schedule and trekking fees are very reasonable for the weekend.