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Unique homestay in Ta Nang

Discovery of homestay unique mountain forest for worshipers when trekking Ta Nang – Phan Dung

Different from the homestay is familiar to tourists, floor homestay is built in the architecture of the Tay people. Moreover homestay is located near Ta Nang – Phan Dung, a very beautiful trekking route is attracting the attention of the “two players” in recent years. For those who do not have the strength to go trekking but want to enjoy beautiful scenery, experience life in the village, you choose to stay here.

Near the homestay there are two mountains, from Mount He can see Binh Thuan, while Cheju Mountain is adjacent to Ninh Thuan province, in addition there are many small hills near the house, from which people can see the pine hill cattle, mountain.

The homestay floor is designed in the architectural style of the Tay ethnic but still somewhat modern.



All the nooks and things of the house are decorated in a little care, thoroughly for you to feel both strange and familiar. From window frames to simple items such as dining tables, hammocks horizontally bent, corner decorations … everything is as close as home. No longer is the feeling of tourists and come here to rent a vacation home.


You do not worry that there is no place for you to live virtual.

According to her boss said: “The floor homestay was originally built as hospitality and partly want to retain the land of the family after experiencing the event. From the idea of ​​building homestay to invite friends to stay here, watching the mountains and forests, up to now every week we have about 30 people to visit and relax is because of special space and unique in this ” .

Here, visitors can experience the life of the real farmers, you like to mix into the rustic life, close to nature, mountains and forests. Morning mountain climbing, afternoon potato eating, dark sky star, no worries about the daily hustle and bustle.

Look at the plate of vegetables you pick yourself, feast by hand harvesting vegetables in the garden will certainly make you never forget when you remember about this place.

Because the address is a bit hard to find the owner has designed for those who are interested in a map like this pretty.

Most people come here feel the same air, food, idyllic countryside, unlike to a resort where everyone feels like a home to friends, relatives. . This can be a good spot for homestay flooring.