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Van Long discover

Discover the wonders in the paintings of Van Long- Tam Coc by bicycle with


Selected as the backdrop for the movie Kong: Skull Island, Van Long Nature Reserve with its four surrounding limestone mountains and characteristic vegetation, as beautiful as a picture.
After Kong’s movie production: Skull Island made by Hollywood on screen, the name Van Long suddenly became familiar to the audience, besides the beautiful scene that has made the tourist highlights of the domain. North like Trang An, Tam Coc, Ha Long
The film crew spent a considerable amount of time filming scenes at the wild nature reserve Van Long, fresh – where is called “Ha Long Bay no wave”. A Van Long continuous appear on the big screen throughout the segment of the expedition to Dau Lau Island and the war with Kong unwanted giant and the monster here.
Being the largest wetland in the North, with its undulating rocky islands standing amidst a vast water, the watercolor paintings at Van Long are used as a backdrop for most of the water scenes in the film.

Arrive in Ninh Binh, visit Van Long, visitors will feel like they are lost in the beautiful natural frame in the film. This place is surrounded by limestone mountains, typical vegetation of the flooded area, both monumental and peaceful to strange.
A 10-minute walk from Van Long is a five-star resort called Emeralda Resort Ninh Binh. The resort possesses green space, re-enacting the traditional scenery of the old North Vietnamese village and luxury services.

Resort guests can choose “Van Long wonder” including a unique Vietnamese food experience on the boat. Guests will have the time floating on the boat rustic trip to explore Van Long amid the calm space of heaven and earth, wriggling in the mysterious cave, admire rare white rhubarb and rare flying sky … full of poetry.

Enjoy Vietnamese food, enjoy the beautiful nature under the hand of creativity, enjoy peaceful space with blue sky clouds on the head and reflected under the clear water … will bring For visitors unforgettable memories